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Women’s Growth & Educational Opportunities

The passion and desire of the Co-Founders of Girl Talk Ministries, Manda and Theresa, is provide you a place to learn, expand and enrich your personal relationship with God. A way that we can assist is to offer classes that our hands on and give you a place to ask the questions that affect your day to day lives and learn how to apply God’s word to those questions. The topics that our co-founders have discovered that impact most women today is where they started. Topics such as Forgiveness, Grace, Purpose, Worthiness, Identity and Perfection, which each of the co-founders have found themselves either having struggled with or are still struggling. Our classes are designed to be honest, real and biblically foundational in content.

Manda and Theresa, believe that in order to start walking in a personal relationship with God, we need to know how to study and apply God’s word to our everyday lives. We strongly encourage that you start first with their signature class, S.O.A.R. Bible Study Method. This is the foundation for all the other classes.

Here is a list of half-day classes that our currently being offered {click the names for additional descriptions}:

  1. S.O.A.R. Bible Study Method
  2. Chasing Grace
  3. Forgiving the Unforgivable
  4. Finding Worth in the Worthlessness
  5. Overcoming Our Identity

Here is a list of full-day classed that our currently being offered {click the names for additional descriptions}:

  1. Confidently Living
  2. For This is the Moment
  3. Pursuit Through the Storms

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