From Sorrow and Pain to Grace and Glory

From Sorrow and Pain to Grace and Glory!

Have you ever wondered about the things that happened in your life? Maybe you have even questioned God or compared His love for you with someone else life.

Or how many times have we in our fleshly, unrighteously, unbeknowingly, complained about what is going on in our lives. As the Word says, we have to experience these trials to make us stronger and depend on Him.

To some, it doesn’t make a  lot of sense especially when you live in the Valley of Humiliation. However, when you trust in Him with every part of our lives; your trails start to make sense.  So take a  look back over  your life, and you can see that (unbeknowingly) these events have been choreographed and are pointed towards the source. What we think to be failures and bad mistakes, are actually composed to assemble us into the person we were meant to be. Let’s look at it from God’s eyes or from the Word of God, we were created, specifically for a certain task- all those failures and mistakes made us the perfect candidates. It has not been through our own strength that has orchestrated the events in our lives, it has been through God, who has made a perfect plan for us.

Our lives are like a tree: events that happen, like leaves, are all connected by branches, which are yet again linked to more branches, although the leaves are separate. The branches are connected to the trunk and roots which cement the tree in the ground. God is like the roots of our lives, supplying us with water and minerals and keeping us where we need to be. Yet growing, weaving between the soil, stones and other roots to provide the best nutrients for us.

We can only truly understand this if we are  drinking water from the living stream of life and  we have to make sure our roots are planted in the good soil ( the Word of God)

God has coordinated the events in our lives so that they link together, like leaves on a tree, but are separate in their own right . The leaves bring vital experience to us and endow us with what we need to grow as a person.

The truth is we wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for God. And I know that without Him, we would have no future.

Let me encourage you today my friend, to trust in the One that made you and me, to be our guard, our defender and our redeemer and to be our best friend.

Heavenly Father, Teach us to have joy in every situation we are in. May we never complain when discontentment comes knocking at our front door but that we deny it food to survive. HOWEVER, we must understand to go to the high places we have to go in the valley first. He is working it out for our good, so He can use us.

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