Unshakeable Faith, No Matter What!

image1As I looked at His word and meditate on His promises, it came to me in a different way: “no matter…what!?!”

It’s easy to say that phrase in connection to our relationship with God as long as everything is going well. When finances are fine, relationships are thriving, no one is sick and life seems easy, we say, “yes, no matter what.”

But, what about days of distress? What about those days you can barely see pass your hand? You ask where do my help come from? What do we say when every day seems to bring a new burden, bad news and unexpected trouble? How do we live when we’re in a position like Paul?

He was beaten, thrown in prison, separated from everyone he loved, facing persecution and on trial for his faith. Our situations seem light and incomparable to this, but they’re still real. We still have the same decision to make. We can succumb to our circumstances, being tossed to and fro, or we can choose to stand with Paul and say, “no matter what!”

No matter what happens, where I’m sent, what He asks or what I face, I will choose Him. I will trust Him. I will continue to believe He’s always in control.

Set yourself to be steadfast. Press into the grace of God through the help of the Holy Spirit and choose to follow hard after Him—no matter what!

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